This is an individual or a team challenge of us to 8 people.
This one has a couple of options
- Distance only (45 miles)
- Distance and height (45 miles and 5895m)

How do I virtually climb a mountain you ask?
Easy! Either use real life stairs, hills and mountains around you, or gym equipment or a mix of both.
You will be provided with detailed ways to work out how high you are climbing on a treadmill or stairmaster, or how many flights of stairs you need to climb.
Send in your updates weekly for us to work it out for you!

You have as long as you need to complete the challenge, although the suggested time limit is one year.
Send in your monthly progress to be added to our leaderboard and get this amazing medal once you complete!

Submit your proof to claim your medal.


£5 to enter (plus p+p)

Choose your shipping

Please note if using an iPhone/iPad/iPod
this link will not work
Please contact
to be sent an invoice or alternatively,
please use a laptop/PC
or other mobile device (non Apple) to continue